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Early Voting Information for In-Person and Vote by Mail for the September 6, 2022 State Primary
POLLING HOURS:  7:00 AM TO 8:00 PM -

Deadline to Register to Vote to be eligible to vote in the State Primary in the Town of Swansea is: Saturday, August 27, 2022 at the Swansea Town Hall from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Anyone who is not yet registered to vote in the Town of Swansea must register by the deadline.  To register to vote, download, complete and sign the attached Voter Registration Form below.  The application can be returned to the office of the Town Clerk by 5 PM on August 27, 2022 by dropping off in person or utilizing the Ballot Drop Box in the Town Office parking lot, marked TOWN CLERK.  The Town Clerk's Office will be open on Saturday, August 27, 2022 until 5PM for in-person registration.  This is also the deadline to make party changes.  Voter registration can also be done on line at www.sec.state/ovr/ 

EARLY VOTING: Massachusetts voters now have the option to vote early by mail in all elections, with no excuse required. To request your Vote by Mail ballot, submit a signed application to the Town Clerk's Office by 5PM on August 29, 2022.  In addition to no-excuse early voting by mail, Massachusetts has absentee voting for those who qualify. While early Vote by Mail ballots are more common, there are special circumstances where you need to apply for an absentee ballot instead. You can find more information about absentee ballot eligibility under “Absentee Ballots,” below.

Applying for your Ballot: In 2022, Vote by Mail applications will be mailed in July and September to every voter who hasn’t already requested a mail-in ballot for the fall elections. These applications will be pre-addressed to your local election office and postage pre-paid.  Vote by Mail applications can also be downloaded or printed below.  Any written request with your signature is an acceptable application. You can simply write a signed letter to your local election office to apply for your ballot.  (Wet signatures are NOT allowed on applications to vote by mail, it must be the voter's signature).  Applications can be submitted by mail, email, or fax. If you’re emailing your application, you need to sign it in a way that can be compared to your hand-written signature. Electronic signatures, scanned applications, and photos of applications are acceptable. Typed signatures cannot be accepted.

Applying for a Primary Ballot to Vote by Mail: If you’re applying for a primary ballot, and you aren’t registered in a party, (UNENROLLED), you must indicate which party’s ballot you want to receive. If you don’t provide a party on your application, you will not receive a primary ballot. If you’re unenrolled (commonly called “Independent”) or enrolled in political designations, you are allowed to vote in the party primary of your choice. Your ballot choice will not affect your party registration. Ballots will be available to view and attached below once they become available.

Application Deadlines to Vote by Mail: Any mail-in ballot must be requested in writing at least 5 business days before Election Day.  Application deadline for the State Primary on 9/6/2022 is 5PM, Monday, August 29, 2022. Your application can only be accepted if it has reached your local election office by the deadline.  Apply as early as possible, especially if your ballot will need to be mailed out of town. The U.S. Postal Service recommends allowing up to 7 days for mail delivery. To ensure you receive your ballot with enough time to mail it back, you should apply 2-3 weeks before Election Day.

Returning your Ballot if you Vote by Mail: There are several options for returning your ballot. You may return your ballot by:

  1. Mailing it back using the envelope provided; or
  2. Hand-delivering your ballot to your local election office;
  3. Dropping your ballot off at an early voting location during early voting hours;
  4. Using the Town Clerk’s Ballot Dropbox at the Town Hall. 

 Ballots cannot be dropped off at a polling place on Election Day.

For the September 6, 2022 State Primary, your ballot must reach your local election office by 8PM on Election Day in order to be counted. Ballots that arrive after that time – even if they are postmarked on or before Election Day – will not be counted. Use the Track My Ballot tool to check the status of your ballot. The tracker will show you the date your ballot was mailed, the date it was returned, and whether your ballot was accepted or rejected. TRACK YOUR BALLOT HERE

Voting in Person: You can still vote in person if you’ve applied to vote by mail. You can vote at an early voting location or your polling place on Election Day.  You can’t vote in person if your ballot has been accepted by your local election office. You can’t take your ballot back or vote again.  If your ballot hasn’t been accepted by Election Day, you may vote in person at your polling place. If your ballot arrives at your local election office after you’ve voted, the mail-in ballot will be rejected.

Absentee Ballots: To qualify for an absentee ballot, you must:
  1. Be away from your city/town on Election Day; or
  2. Have a disability that keeps you from voting at your polling place; or
  3. Have a religious belief that prevents you from voting at your polling place on Election Day
Absentee voters use the same ballots as early voters and have the same deadlines for returning their ballots. Most voters who qualify for an absentee ballot can choose instead to apply for an early Vote by Mail ballot. There are some times that an absentee ballot application is needed.
You should fill out an absentee ballot application if:
  1. You are a U.S. citizen residing overseas; or
  2. You are on active military duty; or
  3. You are currently incarcerated for a reason other than a felony conviction; or
  4. You are requesting an emergency absentee ballot due to hospitalization.

Emergency Absentee Ballots: If you have been admitted to a healthcare facility within 1 week of the election, you may use the absentee ballot application to designate someone of your choice to deliver a ballot to you. The person you designate to deliver your ballot will need to bring the signed application to your local election office, pick up your absentee ballot, bring it to you, and return it for you by the close of polls on Election Day. Emergency ballots may be requested up until the close of polls.

Military & Overseas Voters: If you are a U.S citizen residing out of the country or on active military duty, you may use the Federal Post Card Application or the Massachusetts Absentee Ballot Application to request your ballot. More information is available at:

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!! - Save Time. Avoid Aggravation. Know these six things before going to the polls:
  1. Are you a registered voter? The deadline to register to be eligible to vote in the State Primary election is Saturday, August 27, 2022 by 5PM. The Town Clerk's Office will be open on this date from 9AM – 5PM for in-person voter registration or you can register to vote online at This is also the last day to make changes to your party affiliation.  REMEMBER, the Primary is a Partisan Election and you must vote on the ballot for the party in which you are registered.  If you are registered as Unenrolled, you may choose which party ballot you want to vote on.
  1. Is your voter status "active"? Voters must return their signed street list census form annually to the Town Clerk’s office to maintain an active voter status.  Inactive voters are still eligible to vote but will be required to complete additional forms and show an ID at the polls in order to vote.  To avoid having to complete additional paperwork at the polls, voters who appear as inactive can change their status to active by stopping by the Town Clerks Office to sign a census form in person up until Saturday, August 27, 2022 by 5PM. Changes to the voting lists cannot be made after the deadline of August 27, 2022.
  1. Can I vote Early in person or by Mail? Yes!  You can vote early either in person or by mail.  Check out the Early Voting Schedule on our website. You can also vote by mail by submitting an application to the Office of the Town Clerk not later than 5PM on the 5th business day before the election – For the State Primary on September 6, 2022 it is Monday, August 29, 2022 at 5PM.  Applications can be found on the Town’s website or the Secretary of States website. 
  1. Where do I vote on ELECTION DAY? The Town of Swansea has 1 polling location and 5 precincts.  All voters vote at Joseph Case High School, 70 School Street, Swansea, MA
  1. What is my voting Precinct? The polling location is divided into precincts and voters will appear on the voting list only in the precinct in which their street is part of.  Voters are strongly encouraged to already know which precinct they will be voting in before entering the polling location.  If you are unsure of your precinct, please check with the Town Clerk. 
  1. What will I be voting on? Voters are encouraged to educate themselves on the many races and questions that will appear on their ballot PRIOR to arriving at the polls.  By visiting the Secretary of State’s website:   You will have the option to view your ballot and check your registration status.  Educated voters will reduce the amount of time necessary in the voting booths and reduce lines and crowding on Election Day.  Sample ballots will also be available to view at the Swansea Town Hall and on our website: