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Advisory & Finance Committee

The Advisory and Finance Committee is composed of 15 residents whose appointments are submitted by the Moderator and confirmed at the Annual Town Meeting. Terms are for three years and are staggered so that 5 members are appointed each year. The Advisory and Finance Committee acts as the town’s watchdog for all fiscal matters.  Their duties include advising the voters at the Annual Town Meeting on establishing the annual omnibus budget and making recommendations on spending and other articles for all town meetings.  A&F seeks to ensure that the budget is balanced and in the best interest of the citizens of Swansea.

Member Term Expires Member Term Expires
Robbie Alford, Chairman 2024 Robert Sparrow 2024
Sarah Carlson, Vice Chairman 2025 Richard Looker  2023
Fran Kelley, Clerk 2023 Nathaniel Chamberlain 2023
Doug Fiore 2025 Thomas Tripp 2024
Chris Howard 2025 Joyce Moore 2024
Michelle Paul 2025 Richard Finlaw 2023
John Salzillo  2024 James Clarkin 2023
Mark Brooks 2025    

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