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Permit Process
The process is generally the same for building, wiring, gas, plumbing and mechanical. In addition, fire detection/sprinkler systems and fuel storage will also require inspection approval of the local fire department.

Step One: Call our department after reviewing this web site information if you have any further questions.
Step Two: Submission of the application and documentation to the department. You will need to have consulted with other city departments and/or boards and committees for their approval.
Step Three: Consideration and plan review of all of your applications, documents, and plans against all applicable codes, rules and regulations.
Step Four: Decision from the inspector. Within 30 days of the application date you will be notified of approval, denial or the need to submit further documentation. There are appeal processes in case of denial.
Step Five: Inspection of the work in progress. Each phase must be inspected for completeness and for compliance with the construction documents. Read your permit carefully for the scheduled inspections.
Rule of thumb: "Call before you cover"
Step Six: Final inspections and the issuance of occupancy permit, if required.