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In an effort to remain at the ready for emergency response, the Town of Swansea has invested time, money, and other resources into Hazard Mitigation Planning. This initiative, performed in conjunction with FEMA and MEMA, identifies climate-related natural hazards as well as clear action items to alleviate the extent of the emergency where possible and save lives and property. This includes deploying nature based solutions, examining current organizational structures for capacity, reviewing flaws, if any, in implementation of emergency response processes, critical infrastructure, and educating the public.   The Plan examines specifically climate change interactions and natural hazards, including changes in precipitation, sea level rise, rising temperatures, extreme weather, an non-climate influenced hazards, such as earthquakes, and identifies ways in which the Town can prepare and limit destruction to human life and property. 

The 2023 updated Hazard Mitigation Plan has been adopted by resolution  and vote of the Board of Selectmen and approved at the FEMA and MEMA levels. Please view the plan here.  Our first Plan was adopted in 2017 and requires review and updates every five years.  There have been a series of informational meetings for residents and interested parties to express thoughts, comments, concerns, and feedback about the community and extreme weather related vulnerabilities.  Public informational sessions took place on Thursday, April 13, 2023 and Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

April 13, 2023 presentation slides are available here .
July 25, 2023 presentation slides are available here.

Recordings of the digital sessions can be viewed below:
Hazard Mitigation Public Info Session 1
Hazard Mitigation Public Info Session 2