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The Town of Swansea was awarded a $60,000 Community Compact Grant under the Acts of 2022, Chapter 126 Section 2B Item 1599-0026, of the Massachusetts Legislature for development of a culvert and bridge maintenance plan.   The Town contracted with Fuss & O’Neil, Inc., to conduct the assessments, develop a list of bridges and culverts throughout the Town, and rate the conditions of each while also identifying any needed improvements. This Assessment included a review of 61 Town-owned stream crossings as well as a review of aquatic connectivity and structural condition of each. Using this Assessment, we will seek State and Federal funds, such as MVP, DER and FEMA grants to address the deficiencies found at these locations. 

Reports and Recommendations
Culvert Replacement Concepts
Assessment and Technical Memo - January 24, 2024
Culvert Assessment Memo - Town Planner John Hansen

Initiative Description and Request for Funding