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Highway and Street Services

Public Roadways after construction and acceptance by Town Meeting vote become the responsibility of the Swansea Highway Department. Effective Snow and Ice control in this New England climate is necessary for the safety of all residents allowing emergency vehicles passage to locations where needed; school transportation and commuting from home to work depend upon safe roads.

To provide safe roads, the following services are provided:

  • Snow Plowing and Treating Roadways with effective chemicals to provide safe travel as soon as possible following a snow event
  • Sweeping Town Roads to clean them of sand, silt and any debris
  • Cleaning drainage structures (catch basins, manholes, culverts, drainage pipes and ditches)
  • Mowing planted grass strips and areas along roads and sidewalks; roadside mowing of natural vegetation
  • Patching potholes in roadways
  • Installation and maintenance of traffic, regulatory and street name signs
  • Crack sealing of asphalt pavements to limit water penetration
  • Installation of berms, driveway aprons and trench paving
  • Roadway surface maintenance with the use of chip seals and asphalt overlays (paving)