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Septic Systems and Title 5
septic_systemTitle V Regulations
Steps to a New Septic
Town Regulations are at bottomw of page in PDF.

When a property is sold or transferred the following must be done in order to comply with Title 5 Regulations:

You must have a Title 5 Inspection Performed by a Massachusetts Licensed Title 5 Inspector. (See below)

  • If your system passes inspection no other work is required and you may proceed to sell or transfer the property.
  • If your system fails inspection you are then required to repair, upgrade, or replace the Septic System.

The normal process that follows a failed system is to hire a Massachusetts Licensed Engineer.

  • The Engineer will first schedule a Percolation test date with Board of Health and together with the Health Agent will perform a perc test and soil evaluation.
  • Then will design a suitable Septic System based on the data collected from the perc test.
  • The Engineer will then submit the new septic system design to the Board of Health for plan review.
  • Once the Board of Health Agent reviews and approves the plans then you can proceed to the next step.

The next step is to hire a Town of Swansea approved Septic System Installer. See below

  • The installer that is hired will pull the Septic System Disposal Permit at the Board of Health office.
  • The Installer will dig the initial Excavation (bottom hole) then call the designer and Board of Health Agent for inspection.
  • After bottom hole inspection is approved the installer will build the system according to design and then once completed will call the designer and Agent for a final Inspection.
  • Once everything is completed an as-built is submitted to the BOH by the engineer.
  • The engineer will then sign off.
  • After review of the as-built the Health Agent will sign off.
  • Then once the installer fills a completion form the certificate of compliance is issued. (THE CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE WILL ONLY BE RELEASED TO THE INSTALLER).

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