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Town of Swansea Bylaws & Regulations for the Licensing of Dogs - Chapter 115. Animals - Article II Dogs - Section 115-8. Licensing; Fees.

A. Any person residing in the Town of Swansea, who at the beginning of the licensing period (April 1st to March 31st), or who during the licensing period becomes the owner or keeper of a dog six months old or over, shall cause the dog to be licensed. The Town Clerk shall issue dog licenses and tags on a form prescribed and furnished by the Town.
B. The Town Clerk shall not issue a license for any dog unless the owner or keeper provides the Town Clerk with a veterinarian's certificate verifying that the dog is currently vaccinated against rabies.
C. An exemption from the requirement of having to produce a valid rabies certificate in order to obtain a dog license shall be granted if the owner or keeper presents a signed statement from a veterinarian, indicating that because of infirmity, or other physical condition or regimen of therapy, inoculation is thereby deemed inadvisable.
D. The owner or keeper shall cause each dog to wear around its neck or body a collar or harness to which he shall securely attach the license tag.
E. The License Fee structure shall be as follows:
Spayed female dogs and neutered male dogs
$5 license per year
Unspayed female dogs and unneutered male dogs
$10 license per year 
Late fee after June 30th
F. No fee shall be charged for a dog specially trained to lead or serve a blind, deaf or handicapped person upon presentation of a certificate of such training to the Town Clerk.
G. In the event that any tag is lost, defaced, or destroyed, substitute tags shall be obtained by the owner or keeper from the Town Clerk at the cost of $1.
H. Any owner or keeper of a dog, who moves into the Town of Swansea and has a valid dog license from another city or town in the Commonwealth, shall within 30 days obtain a dog license for a fee of $1 upon producing evidence of the previous license.
KENNEL LICENSES:  Anyone interested in obtaining a New Kennel License or Renewal must contact the Animal Control Officer, Lisa White at 508-679-6446.