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Town Census   The Annual Town Census is sent out every January in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws.  The census is a valuable tool for our Town.  It provides statistical infomation to the State resulting in State funding for our Town. The Annual Local Census is constantly updated to maintain accurate records of Town residents, it is used to apply for grants, veterans and college benefits and for proof of residency.  Compliance with this state requirement provides proof of residence, continued voting rights, housing for the elderly, and related benefits.
By not completing the Annual Census, any resident who is a registered voter will be marked as "INACTIVE" status. Inactive status will result in the registered voter having to produce their identification and completing an Affidavit of Continuous Residency form before being allowed to vote in any election (Town, State, Federal) or attending any Town Meeting.  Please avoid having to take these extra steps by completing and mailing in your Annual Census.  The Annual Census can also be scanned and emailed to:

By not completing the Annual Census, any resident who is not a registered voter will be deleted after a second mailing is conducted without a response. Please avoid this from happening because the Town Clerk's Office will not be able to verify your residency should it be required for a number of reasons.

Important note, by answering the Annual Census does not mean that you are automatically a registered voter, this must be done in person, at the RMV or online.

Should you move at anytime of the year, whether within Swansea or out of Town/State, please notify the Clerk's Office so our records reflect accurate information.
Please call the Swansea Town Clerk's Office if you have any questions @ 508-678-2981.

TOTAL POPULATION as of 11/21/2023:  15,807