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The Final Draft of the 2023 Plan Update is here and we are soliciting your comments and feedback.  View the plan by clicking this link. Send comments to
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Our second Public Informational Session was held Tuesday, July 25, 2023 at the Council on Aging, as well as digitally. View the meeting recording which includes a discussion over plan elements.  You can view more information about the Hazard Mitigation process at this link. 

The Town of Swansea is currently updating its Hazard Mitigation Plan. Not only does this FEMA and MEMA sponsored project enable the Town's personnel to be more mindful of vulnerabilities around Town and provide important grant opportunities, it prepares us to soften the blow of such hazards and is an important training tool to keep public safety in mind in the wake of significant storms and extreme emergencies. We are currently soliciting feedback for our Hazard Mitigation Plan 2023 update. Please help us by taking this very short survey and stay tuned for future public informational sessions, important presentations, and ultimately an updated plan. 

Baker Rd Oct 2021
Climate change contributes to higher wind and more driving rain. The Town has lost a significant amount of trees over the last few years. Falling trees disrupt power grids, traffic, and emergency  response, which occurred during this late October rainstorm in 2021. Twelve roadways were closed during that one weather event, as felled trees blocked access. Town tree management is a beneficial mitigation tool.
  As a coastal community, high tides can really have an impact even during minimal and insignificant storms. Flooding over the John Miles Bridge (October 2022 rainstorm) or at the Boat Ramp, pictured here during Hurricane Henri, can really hamper and endanger members of the public. Officials have been working on plans to raise approaches to the John Miles Bridge to pre-Boat Ramp Hurricane Henri (1)vent this kind of flooding and continue open access to homes in the area. John Miles Bridge Dec 2022