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Board of Assessors

Board Members:
Timothy Cabral, Chairman - Elected Official 2023-2026
Wayne Gray, Vice Chairman - Elected Official 2021-2024
Patrick Travis, Clerk - Elected Official 2022-2025

The Board of Assessors meetings are held on an as-needed basis, and they may not meet in any given month depending on the volume of work that they need to address.  Minutes to prior Board of Assessors meetings are kept by the Town Clerk.

Tax Rates For Fiscal Year-2024:

 Residential:  $11.04/1k plus $0.95/1k Water District  FY-2023 $12.05
 Commercial:  $17.43/1k plus $0.95/1k Water District  FY-2023 $19.14
 Personal Property:  $17.43/1k plus $0.95/1k Water District  FY-2023 $19.14
 Motor Vehicle:  $25.00/1k   FY-2023 $25.00
 Boats:  $10.00/1k  FY-2023 $10.00

Single Family Property Value Update:
The median sale price (half higher, half lower) of a single-family home in the Town of Swansea in 2022 was $420,000
That is a 10.2% increase from the 2021 median sale price, which was $381,000. 
The median for 2023 (through November) stands at $440,000 or an increase of 4.8% from the 2022 median.

An assessment of $420,000 will translate to a tax bill of approximately $4,637 (not including Water District taxes) compared to last year's tax bill of $4,591 (based on the assessment of $381,000 and a tax rate of $12.05/thousand).

Charitable, Benevolent, Educational, Literary, Temperance, Veteran or Scientific Organizations:
State Tax Form 3ABC must be filed on an annual basis in order to maintain your tax-exempt status on your real estate and personal property.  This form is due by Friday, March 1, 2024. The form will be mailed to those that currently have said tax exempt status and a link will be in our forms section so any new entities can file for said exemption.  You must also complete the Public Charities Report (Form PC) that you file annually with the "Public Charities Division" of the Office of the Attorney General and Federal Form 990 and include that with the application.  This application is not open to public inspection.

The property record cards can be found on the Vision Government Services website:

You can look up properties by; Address, Ownership, Account Number, Plat/Block/Parcel Number, or Parcel ID.
If you are having any issues, please feel free to call the Assessor's Office at (508) 678-2981 Extension #6
Assessed Value By Location
Assessed Value By Owner
Assessed Value By Plat-Lot


The Board of Assessors are required by Massachusetts General Laws to value all real estate (and personal property) within the town of Swansea. The legal standard is that all property, from the smallest condominium to the largest commercial property, is assessed at its “Full And Fair Market Value”. This is done to ensure that all taxpayers only pay their fair share of the cost of local government.

The Board of Assessors also have the responsibility of issuing; motor vehicle excise tax bills (originated by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (800) 585-3926) and boat excise tax bills (which are generated at the local level). The Board of Assessors also administer; water, street and sewer betterments (if applicable) generated by other municipal departments. The Board of Assessors must also review and process personal exemptions, such as Elderly, Veterans, Blind, etc., which are a form of tax credits for qualified taxpayers.

The Board of Assessors have a major role in promoting effective financial management in the Town of Swansea. Real estate and motor vehicle excise tax levies account for a majority of the funds available to the Town of Swansea to provide necessary services. Efficient and effective assessment practices result in predictable tax levies which is essential to maintaining adequate and sufficient cash flow for the town.

Office Contacts (508) 678-2981:
Name Title Phone Email
 Michael R. Minardi  Principal Assessor  Extension 117  MMinardi@SwanseaMA.Gov
 James Sullivan  Deputy Assessor   Extension 118  JSullivan@SwanseaMA.Gov
 Doreen M. Martin  Assistant to Assessor  Extension 116  DMartin@SwanseaMA.Gov
 Betty Medeiros  Senior Clerk  Extension 115  EMedeiros@SwanseaMA.Gov

Hours of Operation:
8:00am - 4:30pm: Monday-Thursday 
8:00am - 1:00pm: Friday

Phone: (508) 678-2981 Option 6     
Fax: (508) 324-6700
Swansea Town Hall
Attention: Tax Assessor's Office
81 Main Street
Swansea, MA 02777