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Public Comment Period open for Various Planning Initiatives
The Town of Swansea has been hard at work with various planning endeavors and is now seeking public comment on the Open Space and Recreation Plan, the Hazard Mitigation Plan, and the Fire Feasibility Study.   Read more about each plan below and click the links to visit the plans, all available on our website. We thank you for your commentary and participation in these important endeavors.

Hazard Mitigation Plan
Using grant funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Town's spent the last year or so reviewing various vulnerabilities throughout the town relative to extreme weather events.  The original plan, from 2017, was updated and is now under review before it is sent to FEMA for their acceptance and ultimate approval and adoption by the Board of Selectmen. The Town utilized Jamie Caplan and Associates to craft the plan, hold public input sessions, and discuss various mitigation efforts to map out future projects to prepare the Town in emergency response and extreme weather events. The Town will utilize this plan and the projects contained within it to apply for grant opportunities with both federal and state programs, including MEMA, FEMA, MVP, BIL, BRIC, and others.  Please submit public comment to The public can access the plan and learn more about the process by visiting our Emergency Preparedness page.

Fire Feasibility Study
In 2022, the Town authorized funding for a Fire Feasibility Study to not only plan out the Fire Department's future but examine current operations and measure success of emergency response.  The Town's Fire Feasibility Study Committee worked with Dore and Whittier to examine and assess current operations, review data for response times for both fire and ambulance services, and chart out the most efficient management practices we could institute. The Study also reviewed current building needs, Fire Code and Firefighter Safety needs, and other compliance areas to inform decision making. The plan is now available for public consumption and review, available at the Fire Department page. The Town looks forward to more conversations about this plan and our Fire Department's recruitment and retention efforts. 

Open Space and Recreation Plan
The Town utilized CPA funds to update the Open Space and Recreation Plan, seeking public input and ideas and sent surveys as part of the Comprehensive Plan process. The plan is now ready for public input and we welcome your thoughts and ideas. Visit the Open Space Committee's page for more information and a link to the plan. Similar to other planning endeavors, the Town intends to utilize this plan as a prioritization of work for the Town to undertake as well as specific projects and programs to seek funding opportunities, land purchases, and the like with state, federal, and non-profit land interest groups.